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safety check

Safety Check for Engineers and Others

Friends, we are very much in danger of being involved in electrical work, due to lack of safety for many of them. So today we’re going to share a number of concepts about the electrical system’s security check. Because our life is not just ours but it is for our whole family. If we can take an insistent idea about the safety of electrical systems, then the chances of loss will be reduced.

The many things we can find today are
1. Safety system overhead system of the overhead line.
2. Some of the safety systems must be done by the electrical system.
3. Electrical shock treatment system.

safety check

Our sincere cooperation and effort for the real security of all involved in our workplace. Our mutual cooperation can keep us even more secure. And for this safety, we have to keep a watch on some of the things that we will know now.

Some of the safety systems must be done by the electrical system

1. Since our work is very dangerous, there are dangerous directions or board arrangements in the workplace.
2. Before going to work on a circuit you must be sure that the power supply is closed. You must work off the power supply.
3. Except those involved in the work should not let anyone enter the workplace.
4. Must be safe and good at work time.
5. If there is a job, the fatigue of the work can come to the fore, and no work of electrical lines can be done with fatigue.

safety check
6. Before handing over any work, the tester should be examined again. And you will wear hand globs in hand.
7. Electricity should not be working during lightning.
8. Electrical circuitry tools should be tested in advance, it is not OK to add new tools after the start of the work.
9. Before starting work, the workplace must be cleaned properly.
10. It should not start with wearing loose clothes, it can be a cause of danger anytime.

Safety system overhead system of the overhead line

Basically, the overhead line means that the electric lines have gone over our heads. Normally the overhead electric line is pulled through the poll. Some points are mentioned for the security of the overhead line.

1. Without the cover, the overhead of the contractor should not be in the electric towers or in any pollen.
2. When the rain falls, then the head of the electric line cannot be touched in the tower.
3. Do not be tied to the goats, cows or any other animal electric towers tower.
4. Sometimes a temporary need or permanent need should not place anything higher under the head electric line, it can cause accidents at any time.
5. If we ever see sparking in the main head of the line, then we must report it very quickly to our respective authorities.

safety check
6. If there is a storm or excess rainfall, then the head of the main electric line should be kept in a safe distance from the main line. Because at any time the electric line or tower can go after and the bigger the accident can happen.
7. Overhead clearance of the soil with the electric line will be kept according to the rules of our country.
8. Head over the bamboo or long no metal should not go below the electric line. If you do not mind, it will not take time to get out of the accident.
9. It is better not to cultivate under the overhead electric line, if done, then it must have strictly adhered to a certain amount of precautions.
10. Where there is a road below the electric line, the jal should be made separately at the bottom of the line so that if the line is ever leaked then it can not go on the street.

The electrical shock treatment system

1. If anybody receives an electrical shock, then the supply of electrical lines will be stopped immediately.
2. If there is no way to stop the supply, then the person in the shock will have to move away from the line anyway.
3. To move away from the line, you have to use a rope or something that is dry.

safety check
4. Lose the person who has found the shock somewhere and take off clothes as much as possible from his body.
5. Make sure the person found in the shock has something inside and then remove it.
6. Keep the artificial breathing of the person who has received the mouth with your face.
7. Know as soon as you can get to a nearby hospital and consult a doctor.

The talk about the safety check of today’s electrical system was up to this time. Your safety is a must for all of us. Keep everyone safe and healthy and stay with EEEcareer.