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This website is an open educational learning place. Here you can know about Insurance, Electrical, and Electronics related information elaborately. EEEcareers always maintains maximum privacy in terms of visitor’s personal information. Sometimes we take some information for the official purpose. If anyone wants to post a comment on our article then you need to give your name and mail. And this name and mail address will not be shared with others at the third party.

We are requesting you to read our privacy policy attentively to realize how we gather your information and protect your information and personal identification.

  • Our thoughts about those who are interested in thinking. That’s our motto
  • EEEcareers contents must be done on the subject of electrical and electronics. You can post that kind of post which is helpful to the Electrical and Electronics related job.
  • EEEcareers can be posted on insurance for life, and other security.
  • Religion and Politics related content will not be accepted by EEEcareers Authority.
  • If you want to give an article on EEEcareers it should be considered as the page manager. Authority has the ability to delete any post for maintaining the quality of the website.
  • Copyright posts will not be accepted. You must write by yourself if you want to share any content on EEEcareers.
  • There is no chance to share any link to other websites or pages for marketing purposes.
  • If there is any objection to any post, the page manager has requested to inform, offensive comments are restricted.


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Children Online Privacy Protection Act

We have the respect of The Children’s Online Privacy Protection United States federal law. We don’t sell or trade any of the product. Our information is totally educational base which is important for the children too but we don’t specifically provide the article under the age of 13.

Information collection rules

EEEcareers doesn’t collect any information from visitors. We just take some information when you are going to subscribe to join or to post any comment on our content.

Reasons for information collection

you already know that we collect information only when you want to follow us and to post your opinion. These are the reasons behind that.

  • To take your opinion with respect to our contents.
  • To find our negligence with your demand.
  • To improve our website quality to make your satisfaction.

Procedure to protect your information

  1. EEEcareers provides you authentic articles without any demand. You don’t need to provide us your credit card number.
  2. EEEcareers website doesn’t use Malware Scanning.

Third-party Links and Disclosure

EEEcareers doesn’t include any third party links, services or product on our website. Once in a while, some authentic reference is used as a link.
Your personal information and identification will not be sell, trade, or transfer to other parties.

Our responsive procedure

  • After receiving your mail we will give our answer within seven (07) Business days.
  • We may notify you via letter within seven (07) Business days.

We don’t use SSL certificate

  • Our website only provide an article and relevant information. We don’t want any credit cards are valuable information.
  • For feedback and user experience, we collect some user information such as username, occupation.
  • Our team members are careful about user data.

We use cookies

  • We use cookies for user experience.
  • We use cookies to improve the functionality of our website.

Third-party product and link:

  • We don’t sell or trade any third party product.
  • Sometimes we share some authentic links for the historical information as a reference.

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